Our Short History

How Estrela began.
We are a family run business providing traditional Portuguese cuisine. We are all Portuguese natives from the staff to the drinks imported here.
We try our best to give you a Portuguese environment, as if you were in Portugal.

The original owners “Bernardino & Ilda Costa” started “Estrela Bar” as a way to try and make a living to support their family. Putting everything on the line with countless loans and mortgages. Estrela started as a small single portuguese coffee stop, striving to become better, it evolved over time to include a bar feature and then eventually a restaurant area.

Over the last 20 years, the restaurant has gone from “Estrela bar” to now just “Estrela”. Estrela has been mentioned in countless articles and programmes, take a look below to see us on tv and customer testimonials. The patrons are now slowly passing the business onto managers, they have chosen, and teaching there children the business techniques. They will always be there to help supervise and give support.

Ilda Costa

1952 – 2015
The heart and soul of the business. Ilda Costa started as the main chef, she brought the traditional Portuguese cuisine to life, building Estrela’s reputation. Due to health issues, she stepped down from the kitchen but not before teaching her fellow staff the traditional cooking methods. In the later years she worked to the bone as the manager. She was the face of the business, know by everyone, and built great rapport with the customers. Always trying to bring a smile to their faces. She was greatly cherished and now forever missed.

Len Goodman & Ainsley Harriott recently filmed and talked about us on BBC ONE. ‘Len and Ainsleys Big Food Adventure’ produced by jamie oliver’s company ‘Fresh One’.

“Together Len and Ainsley will seek out Britain’s most vibrant multi-cultural communities, where they’ll meet everyone from restaurateurs to street-food vendors to discover their best-loved dishes.
Centered on a different area in each episode, the series is packed with fascinating food content and reveals the social history behind these vibrant locations.”

Watch the tv episode on the Youtube video below.


If you want to see Ainsley Harriott cook a mouthwatering Portuguese chicken dish Click Here .